How much does it cost?

500 € / month

What you need to know

Rental contracts require one guarantor per tenant. Each co-tenant can use Garantme separately and the price per tenant will be decreasing.
Time of payment
Our mission: help you find an apartment. That's why payment is due when signing the rental contract.
To reassure the landlord, the Garantme Guarantee® is renewed every year. So, you need to renew your Garantme contract unless the landlord releases you from your commitment.
Payment methods
The payment is processed online through our secure payment portal. You can pay by card or bank transfer.
Total price
270 €/year
Price per tenant
270 €/year
Paid before lease signature and at each lease renewal
You can stay more or less than 12 months. The price will be adjusted according to the number of months rented.

Why choose Garantme?

The Garantme Guarantee® showcases the seriousness of your application and your solvency to the landlord.

Your obligations under the lease remain the same with or without Garantme. In case of default, the Garantme Guarantee®, financed by the community of tenants, will cover the unpaid rent to the landlord. However, your debt will be transferred to our insurer company. This will lead to legal actions and the start of an eviction process. You will be liable for legal fees and any rent payment due.

More about Garantme

You can email us at or write to the Médiateur de l'Assurance at the address : TSA 50110, 75441 Paris Cedex. We will come back to you in 10 days.

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